Alternative Tourism


One of the places we explored in Okinawa was Nanjo, a city located in the southern part of Okinawa Island. Surprisingly, there are many places to see, ways to wander, can't-miss spots to dine, drink, feast plus many alternative tourism experiences.
Alternative tourism aims to focus more on economic, social, health,
environmental, and cultural considerations. A type of tourism that includes different regions into tourism activities through various tourism activities. Since alternative tourism is an individual experience, you can plan and create your experience according to your own preference.
Explore the alternative tourism potential of your own place! It's great to feel a part of history, folklore and personality by being a tourist yourself.
We have prepared a 3 part video for Nanjo . Please check the "Video Channel" of our website . We first uploaded the first part . The highlights are : 1) Fish auction for all  2) Karate experience 3) Open garden 4) Nanjo Quiz.


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